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The white and black ball of fluff let out a small sound of happiness, a purr, as it padded around in circles on its Master’s bed. This was Sylvester, named aptly after the cartoon cat due to their striking resemblance. Sylvester let out a yawn as his owner got lazily out of bed. “Ah, humans,” he thought, making himself comfortable on the oddly cool sheets “Such busy creatures. Oh, that’s right!” Sylvester’s head perked up, releasing a loud, droned out ‘meow’ toward his human, an act which was roughly translated to “Good luck on your test today, human!”
The man was seated at his desk now, a rather grumpy look on his face as he clicked away on the bright screen in front of him “Hah!” Sylvester thought “Lamenting over the day beginning, eh? I can fix that!” he jumped down from the bed, eager to reach the desk before quickly nuzzling up against the human’s leg, a loud purr reverberating his chest. He threaded himself through the male’s legs, but to no avail. “Egh, its kinda cold in here,” the human, Alex, expressed as he pulled a jacket on “Cold!?” thought Sylvester, jumping up into the man’s lap, kneading “Oh my” he nodded “You are quite cold, Master. Lemme help.” He grinned to himself for being such an amazing helper, nuzzling the top of his head into the man’s stomach, though his affection seemed to go unnoticed. Alex gave a sigh, going back to what he was doing on the computer and Sylvester took exception to that “Oh how dare you!” he feigned offence, hoping to get attention as he jumped up onto the desk, still being polite enough to stay out of the way “I, an amazing cat, am giving you love and warmth, and you ignore me!? Pah! Pah, I say!” the cat pushed his nose up into the air, closing his eyes for added effect. This always worked. Pets incoming in three…two…wait, Master wasn’t moving.
Sylvester’s ears flattened against his now lowered head. Had he done something wrong? He was just playing around; he didn’t want Master to be mad at him! Master?

Alex’s phone started to ring, a rather solemn look on his face as he picked it up. Sylvester could hear both ends of the conversation from where he was
“Hey, sweetie.” “Grandma!” Sylvester thought, internally grinning
“Hey Mum,” Alex replied, voice monotone
“How are you feeling?” the woman on the other line asked
“Yeah, I’m fine.” Alex responded rather rigidly, obviously not fine
“We miss him too, buddy.” Mum sighed
“Miss who?” Sylvester thought, head tilting
“I just don’t understand” Alex’s eyes started to well with tears and Sylvester pressed his cheek to the man’s hand, nuzzling it gently “Why did he have to go?”

Sylvester sat back up “Master?” he thought. “MAAAAAAOOOWW?” he meowed, pressing his head into the man’s hand harder “Master!? Why are you ignoring me? Did someone leave?” Sylvester started to meow more, each one resonating with a certain sadness. “Please stop ignoring me. Please…” he sniffed, looking up at the male who had now hung up and was holding a picture of his cat, Sylvester.
“Rest in peace, little buddy.”
A short thing I wrote. 
[img width=450][/img][/cente…
[color=black][b][size=18pt][font=georgia]Basic Information[/font][/size][/b][/color]
[color=black][b]Name[/b]: Syndler Stern (Middle if applicable)
[b]Nickname(s)[/b]: Humph.
[b]DOB; Age[/b]: July Second, 56.
[b]Race[/b]: Human.

[b]Birthplace[/b]: Cenarian Forest; Earth.
[b]Current Residence[/b]: None.

[b]Occupation[/b]: Wetboy.
[b]Education[/b]: Home-schooled by Elena Stern, extensively trained in various forms of martial and weapon arts by Isaac Stern. Basic training started at the age of three and progressed until the age of seventeen. Upon the death of his family, Syndler also spent ten years extensivey training in seclusion in order to hone his skills, both mentally and physically, under the guidance of Grigmore Akelis. [/color]
[color=black][b]Magic[/b]: Being the Night Angel, or more simply, the Bonder of the Black Ka'Kari, Syndler has a variety of magical attributes that enhance his capabilities as a Wetboy. These skills included, but are not limited to, magically enhanced strength, speed and dexterity, along with vitality; allowing him to sustain more damage than what a 'normal' human would (this is also partly to do with his intensive training). Syndler has minor capabilities over shadows, allowing him to bend them around his form when engulfed in them to blend in more easily. He cannot directly control shadows, however, and his abilities are unrelated to the Shadow Elementals. Syndler is capable of silencing the sound of his footsteps, but only to a certain degree. i.e. stepping on a leaf would cause it to crunch and give away his position. Syndler also has the capability to bend light, as he does with shadows, around his form, causing him to turn invisible at any given time. However, upon making a deal with the Ka'Kari, Syndler agreed to a clause; he may only ever go invisible so long as the Face of Retribution is active. The Face of Retribution pertains to the ability to engulf Syndler's eyes and mouth in illusory blue flames. Whilst in this guise, Syndler is committed to passing Judgement upon all he passes, and so he avoids going invisible (Aye, even his clauses have clauses).

Further magical capabilities include the ability to protrude black 'tendrils' from any given part of his body at any time. The tendrils may vary in length and quantity to whatever Syndler sees fit at the time, however having large, thick tendrils constantly will inevitably drain his energy much, much more quickly than having one or two thin ones. These tendrils are limited only by his physical capabilities and his imagination, meaning he can make them mimic shapes, sizes and can even cause his tendrils to have tendrils coming off them (yo dawg...). Syndler's tendrils are his most commonly used ability, both offensively and for general use. Syndler's most uncommonly used ability are his ability to create Weaves.

-- CAN BE EDITED -- "Weaves" have taken on many names over the years, and Syndler has found that a lot of people refer to them as "Runes." Weaves are extremely versatile and can be incredibly dangerous depending on the level of weave. A common example of a weave is a Healing Weave. If someone has an open wound, casting a Healing Weave on the wound will "weave" magical properties around the wound, essentially covering it in an invisible blanket, and will gradually increase the speed of recovery by influencing the regenerative properties of the cells around the wound to work faster. Weaves can be used for simple tasks like binding two objects together by a seemingly invisible force, to dangerous tasks like covering a certain area in a weave and causing it to attract and conduct large amounts of electrical energy and focus it toward a specific target or direction. Dangerous stuff, and incredibly draining, which is why Syndler steers clear of relying on Weaves on a day-to-day basis. --- CAN BE EDITED ---

In the Human Realm, the Ka'Kari provided Syndler with the capability to eat the very essence of magic...literally. However, upon arriving in Kyon, Syndler has realized that his ability has been stripped away. The Ka'Kari's ability to eat other materials such as clothing and typical metals, woods and other basic things has not been affected. Due to his training and extensive research on magic, Syndler has developed a mental block that prevents him from being affected by telepathy, and he can strengthen this block at any time.

The last magical ability Syndler has is "Soul-Reading," in which Syndler will look into a person's soul, view their past, and Judge them accordingly. When Judging, Syndler has to be in his Avatar of Retribution form, in which his eyes and mouth will burn with blue flames and his body will go invisible. Syndler, however, also has the capabilities to enter a second stage of the Avatar of Retribution. Only the Ka'Kari knows what this form is called and what happened when Syndler entered it, but he refuses to tell Syndler, the only information being given is that [i] "Your flames burnt purple and you held a direct connection to Justice and Mercy." [/i]

-- CAN BE EDITED -- Talent --- CAN BE EDITED ---

[b]Martial[/b]: Trained since the age of three to be the Night Angel, Syndler is no easy opponent. His father, Isaac Stern, did a swell, albeit strict, job at teaching Syndler to fight. They trained every single day for fourteen years in everything there was to know about fighting. Isaac, having been the Night Angel for well over one hundred and fifty years, was one of the most experienced teachers alive. As a result of his training, Syndler is now a skilled swordsman. He's trained in multiple martial arts and has a high pain tolerance. Alongside with his physical training, his mind was also trained to maintain concentration at all times. He is extremely keen and observant in every situation, and it is [i] extremely [/i] rare for him to lose resolve. On top of his years of training, Syndler studied and trained with the legendary Grigmore Akelis. At the end of each year, Syndler proved himself worthy to the old man, and so he was taught a secret and long-forgotten (or so he thought) fighting technique which, coincidentally, originated from Kyon. This tradition lasted for ten years. All in all, Syndler has had roughly twenty years of training dedicated to combat. The other seven years were accumulated through his time with his father and the Ka’Kari, in which he learnt how to become the best wetboy.

[b]Special Talents[/b]: Syndler is the Night Angel. The Night Angel is the best of the best when it comes to being a Wetboy, and is defined by being the Bonder of the Black Ka'Kari. Elena saw fit that Syndler had his own hobbies, as well, and Syndler can proudly state that he knows how to knit a mean beanie. Syndler can cook, garden, knit and during his time at the Blackwell Castle he loved to write poetry. [/color]
[color=black][b][size=18pt][font=georgia]Personal Information[/font][/size][/b][/color]
[color=black][b]Personality[/b]: Syndler's personality can be described pretty simply; passive. Syndler is indifferent about a lot of things and will most definitely seem apathetic towards a lot of things, resulting in his only verbal opinion being "Humph." He's extremly closed in and will rarely ever take an interest in anyone or anything. He's mostly the person in the back, leant up back against the wall with his arms folded over his chest, either drowning out his surroundings, observing everything and everyone in the room...or both.
Syndler is very hard to read, and only rarely will his facial expression be anything other than passive, apathetic or scowling. He is easily annoyed by people who try and psycho-analyse him or otherwise manipulate him and will not hesitate in simply walking away from a situation if he does not wish to be a part of it. He is a man of dignity, pride and honour, and will never respect a man who has not earned his respect, nor will he expect anyone to respect him if he has not done anything to deserve such. He seems to care about no one, he seems to simply pass through life ignoring anyone he meets without a care, but this is not necessarily the case.

– CAN BE EDITED -- Syndler is, in fact, an extremely loving person. If someone manages to work their way into his heart, he will hold them close and never let them go. Alas, the first girl to ever do this was someone he deemed a Goddess. Her name was Arabella Blackwell, and for the first time since Elena's and Isaac's death, Syndler actually smiled. He met her, and all his sadness started to wash away. He knew, however, that he was being followed. Power-hungry Wetboys out to kill the legendary Night Angel were following his every movement, and so after falling in love with this girl, Syndler did the second hardest thing he'd ever had to do; he left. He left for a year, unkowing to the child they had conceived. After three years Syndler finally managed to erase his existence. The Night Angel had disappeared, and so he returned to the Blackwell Castle and reuinite with Arabella. When he returned, he found the small, red-head girl running around an screaming about cookies. Arabella lied to him, telling him that whilst he was gone she conceived a child with another man, afraid that if he knew it was his, he would leave. Syndler stayed and took the child as his own, and it wasn't for another three years until he found out that Syndra, his daughter, was actually his biological daughter. The celebration was cut short, however, when Syndler returned from a job. He returned to the Castle and found his wife and daughter being tortured. He was captured and taken to watch their deaths, and as they screamed for his help for the final time, something snapped inside the Wetboy. He broke free of his bonds and blacked out, awakening to his home running red with blood, blood which he was laying on the ground drenched in. Syndler hasn't smiled since that day, and now he's afraid. He's scared...he's scared that if he lets anyone else in, if he loves anyone, if he cares about anyone, he'll just disappoint them. He'll have to hear them crying for him to help. He's afraid he'll be too weak, that he won't be able to help anyone, and so he shuts people out. --- CAN BE EDITED ---

After  his training with Grigmore ended and Syndler decided it was time to keep living, to find a person and to serve Retribution, he found that he feels incredibly protective over the weak, specifically innocent children or innocent people. The Night Angel, hah, trying to redeem himself. Ironic, eh? Syndler just hopes that maybe one day he'll be able to atone himself, that Syndra and Arabella will smile at him and tell him that they love him. So on a day-to-day basis, Syndler fights with an inner conflict. He wants to shut people out, out of fear, but at the same time he wants to help. He wants to protect, he wants to care. – CAN BE EDITED -- It is also very rare, but sometimes Syndler will be triggered into flashbacks and memories of his wife and daughter.  The subject of them is very touchy for him, and will most likely cause him to lash out. However, to coincide with this trait, Syndler can also be filled with happiness at the thought of them, the thought of what he use to have, and has been known to react unpredictably to things. For example his stature might say "Leave me alone." But he may suddenly grab out a green plastic knife, hold it to someone's throat, and demand all the orange juice in the building. He's also been prone to involve himself in fake wars where he fights invisible tree people and protects a fake president. He's strange like that, so...people should be careful, he may react badly or positively to something.    --- CAN BE EDITED ---

[b]Habits & Quirks[/b]: Syndler doesn't have many, if any at all, habits or quirks. He's very reserved and calm on the outside 90% of the time.
[b[s]]Likes[/s] LOVES[/b]: Orange Juice. Fucking. Orange. Juice. Give this man some OJ and not only will you be alright in his books, but his mood will also be substantially better. Fuck yeah, Orange Juice.
[b]Dislikes[/b]: Things that aren't Orange Juice, self-righteous pricks, people who think they know everything, people who condescend and abuse others, things that aren't Orange Juice, people who abuse authority, people who annoy him, people who nag, people in general, things that aren't Orange Juice.
[b]Fears[/b]: Syndler was trained not to be scared of things that can kill him, only things that can kill the ones he love. In saying that, however, he wasn't scared of the people who murdered his family, but the idea of losing them in the first place. He's scared that he'll never be "Fixed." He's scared of what will happen if he ever is "Fixed." He scared that he won't protect people. He's scared of falling in love. He's scared of more people leaving him.

[b]Sexuality[/b]: [i] "Love not what a person is, but who they are, my son. One day you'll find someone that captivates you so immensely that it won't matter who or what they are, you just know you have to be with them." [/i] - Elena Stern.

[b]Physical Appearance[/b]: Violet pools veiled slightly by the fall of ebon locks, cascading down about the tainned flesh 'till reaching the upper chest, shapely nose defining the situation of dusty huen blossoms reaching only a view shades lighter than the pools above. General facial structure simplicit in form, pointed and somewhat defined jawline leading down toward the well-defined collar structure, skeletal form prominent in the upper chest that was always left exposed by the silken garment that only trailed down toward the male's mid-drift, exposing toned abdomen to whatever weather present. The garment itself wasn't much of a spectacle, black in hue with only partially defined patterns covering the fabric in various traditional Japanese designs. Lower garments were simplistic themselves, allowing for the sleek and silent manoeuvring in most any situation as the cloth leggings covered the slender limbs, met with a pair of velvetine boots, the material aiding in the silenced steps as a belt held up the aforementioned garments. A pouch sat upon the leathered length, containing appropriate contents pertaining to whatever situation the Wetboy saw fit, whether it be money, poisons, medicinal herbs and what have you, its contents may vary. No additionally notable formations on the male's body are note-worthy. He does, however, stand at 5'9. [/color]
[color=black][b][size=18pt][font=georgia]Basic Historical Information[/font][/size][/b][/color]
[color=black][b]Diseases[/b]: Mood Swings along with speculated Dissassociative Identity Disorder.
[b]Family[/b]: Elena Stern – Deceased.
Isaac Stern – Deceased.
Arabella Blackwell – Deceased.
Syndra “CJ” Blackwell – Deceased.  
[b]Relations[/b]: The Ka'Kari [spoiler] The dry, sarcastic ball of sentience that Bonded to Koi. Upon Bonding, the Ka’Kari molded its small, spherical form into Koi’s body, essentially “melting” itself until it resided within the boy’s body. It now lives there, telepathically communicating to the group.  [/spoiler] Koi [spoiler] Koi has become referred to as “The Original.” The one who originally solely inhabited the body In which they all share now. Due to the fact that Koi has only occasionally taken over the body, he doesn’t tend to show his personality, and often resides in the depths of their mind going on his own imaginary adventures. [/spoiler] Evelynn. [spoiler] Evelynn is referred to as the Love, or the Innocence. She’s the kindest, most caring person and will take care of anyone on a whim. She’s very maternal and will beg Syndler to protect someone. During her time in Control, she was mostly fond of a pair of twin girls whom she cared for whilst running her Alchemy shop back on Earth. [/spoiler]

Syndler Stern, the Night Angel, if you've made it this far you probably know about Syndler (I guess that's what a Character Sheet is for, eh?) but this a more in depth look into Syndler's life, so let's start from the beginning.
Syndler's parents are Isaac and Elena Stern. Isaac, upon living through over a century of being the Night Angel, decided it was time to settle down. He met his wife, Elena, in a small Tavern. From the way he told it, it was love at first sight. Y'know, the room slowed down, time seemed to stop for her, and he watched her in slow motion mingling and talking to her friends. They looked at each other at the exact same time and fireworks went off. He had the stupidest grin on his face and eventually moved over and started talking to her. They fell in love, and he finally realized why the Ka'Kari chose him. They were opposites, Isaac and Elena, he was very tactical, cautious, which was a result of his training as a Wetboy, but she loved him anyway. She was happy, bubbly, loved everyone she met and never saw the bad in people. She was the kindest, sweetest woman you'll ever meet and they worked together perfectly.
After getting married, Isaac decided that he no longer wished to be the Night Angel. He hung up his sword, but both he and Elena knew that the world needed an Angel. They moved out into the Cenarian Forest, buying their own piece of land and shut themselves off from society. They lived, they survived, they were happy just by themselves, and it only got better when their son came along. For the whole nine months Isaac scurried around, setting everything up for the baby, and despite acting all calm and cool, Elena read him like a book. She knew how excited he was, and she was just as excited. When the baby came along, they dedicated their lives to making sure he had everything he needed, even if it meant Isaac had to go out and get some extra money, they just wanted the best for their baby boy. Since birth, Elena had been working on the boy's education, teaching him new things everyday even if it meant he'd just forget and she'd have to teach him again, she loved it.
When the age of three came, however, training started. The boy and his Dad went out and did things together, and what seemed like just plain old fun was the preparation for more intense training. Then the years grew on, and the training got harder. Laps around the forest, hunting, sword fighting, martial arts, general weapons training, everything was covered. By day he would train his body and by night he would train his mind. Elena became his mentor, his teacher. She taught him an array of languages, of skills, she taught him about the economy, how things worked. Everything was covered and not a thing was spared, and by the age of ten he could write a sonnet as well as he could wield a sword. His parents were incredibly proud of him, and once he hit puberty they knew they couldn't keep him in the forest anymore.
They started going out into the cities, going across the lands and exploring so that he could experience everything he had been taught first hand. He could see the beauty in the world taught to him by his Mother, as well as he could see the chaos in the world taught to him by his Father. When he was fifteen, they returned to the city nearest the forest that was their home. As much as his Mother hated the idea, they left him alone in the city, assured by Isaac that he was going to be alright. They returned home and, sure enough, two weeks later he returned home. He told them of his adventures, the people he met, the fun that he had. He told them everything, and they could sigh a sigh of relief knowing they had risen their son well. He was offered drugs and declined, he was offered alcohol and declined, he was offered to go out and vandalize and he declined. He was a good kid, with good morals, and they loved him.
It was when he returned home, however, that everything started to change. The first thing was the Ka'Kari. During a regular spar with his Father, Isaac noticed something strange. He felt..,different. His eyes quickly darted down and saw the remnants of the Ka'Kari sliding up into his son's boot. Training was cut off early that day, and Isaac quickly rushed inside to Elena what had happened. She was surprised, but proud at the same time. The Ka'Kari had chosen the next Night Angel. The Ka'Kari chooses the person it bonds with, and as such it will only bond with those who can love, who can see the value of every life and judge whether or not someone deserves it, and someone who can follow through with the ability to decide. They have to be able to kill, but not be a psychopath. With Elena's love and compassion and Isaac's training, the Ka'Kari had chosen the boy to follow in his father's footsteps. They spent the next two years basically saying their goodbyes, because they knew that once a Ka'Kari chose a new Night Angel, the previous one had to die before the new one could unlock the Ka'Kari's fully potential.
When the right day came, they sat down with their son and explained what needed to happen. Naturally, he refused. He loved his parents, he loved them too much to hurt either of them. His Dad taught him how to survive, how to fight, and he didn't want to repay him by...murdering him. He ran, he ran so far and he ran so fast that by the time night came he collapsed inside of a cave. He was too tired to think. Too tired to care. He just laid on the cold floor and fell asleep, but his sleep didn't last long before he jerked away in the middle of the night. He felt...strange. [i] It's how things have to be. [/i] came a voice which echoed through his mind. He didn't know why but the cold, flat sound sent an extreme sense of...loneliness over him. The thoughts he had been running from finally caught up to him and he realized if...he became the Night Angel, he'd be alone. He'd kill his Father, his Mother...she wouldn't want him to stay, but he wouldn't be able to leave her alone like that. Could he handle the guilt? Could he do anything? Was he strong enough? Oh strong enough...these thoughts flooded his mind and he broke down. He curled up and he started to cry, his head searing with pain. This wasn't a small outburst, no, but the thought of losing the only people who've ever loved terrified him.
He fought with himself for days, unsure of whether or not he should return to his parents, crying hysterically, getting angry the next, his emotions were all over the place for a week. He barely ate, he barely drank, and by the end of the week he'd finally managed to cry himself to sleep. While he slept, the culmination of emotions from the week finally broke him...and Syndler was born. What's that? You thought that he was already Syndler? No, the boy who's been alive for the past seventeen years, his name is Koi. Koi Stern, his name loosely meaning love firm, or firm love. Syndler is the product of Koi's mental breakdown. When Koi finally broke, Syndler took over, letting the boy sleep while he picked himself up and walked home with a blank, emotionless expression on his face. He was prepared to do what the boy couldn't.
However, when Syndler returned home his house was alight and his parents were laid out on the ground, both stabbed multiple times. He walked over, continuing to show no emotion as Koi started to pay more, incoherent attention from inside their mind. Syndler knelt down next to his parents and looked between them both. His Mother took his hand and smiled up at him, despite the pain it must have cause her bruised face. [i] "Remember this...Love not what a person is, but who they are, my Son. One day you'll find someone that captivates you so immensely that it won't matter who or what they are, you just know you have to be with them." He simply nodded and leant down, kissing her on the forehead before speaking. His voice was lower, deeper, and seemingly a lot more mature and resolved "I love you, Mother." Were the first and last words he spoke to her before he turned over to his father, who was pressing a knife into his hand "You old bastard..." he coughed, referring to the Ka'Kari "You take care of my boy, you here? Or I'll come find your sentient ass and kick it back to that land you came from." There was chuckling inside their mind, the same voice that had spoken to Koi earlier.
Syndler and Isaac just locked eyes, and that's all they needed to do. They loved each other, they didn't even need to say it, but Isaac did say something to him. "I don't know what's happened to you, Koi, but you're still my Son. Whether you think you're one or seventy people, you're still my Son." and so Syndler nodded and drove the knife through his Father's heart, the sound of Koi's crying growing louder in Syndler's head before he rose to his feet, collected what money and evidence he could, along with the family sword Retribution, and he left. But not before giving his parents a proper burial.  

The next three years were spent utilizing his training to get by. His father died as the Night Angel, and Syndler wanted to honour his Father's name. After just a few years Syndler had already re-instilled the fear of the Night Angel into the hearts of every Wetboy, and this made him a high priority target. He never stayed in one place for more than six hours, made sure he never slept in cities, and never slept on anything remotely comfortable. Comfortability was a luxury the Night Angel couldn't afford. He was hoping that making himself known as the Night Angel would draw out whomever killed his parents, but it didn't seem to be working. During his time alone, in full control of the body, Syndler started to wonder why he was the Night Angel. Obviously Koi wasn't capable of being such, was it possible that he He managed to find a way to block the constant crying and the constant gibberish that Koi muttered out, and that let him and the Ka'Kari start to talk.
The Ka'Kari was very dry and sarcastic, but that didn't really faze Syndler much. The Ka'Kari ended up taking a liking to Syndler, and so the two of them worked together to unlock the full potential of the Ka'Kari's magical capabilities. Upon unlocking the ability to turn invisible, the Ka'Kari and Syndler made a deal to not use the ability unless they were in the Avatar of Retribution form. The reason for this is because the Ka'Kari had shown the ability to people in the past, only resulting in them using it for sneaky and underhanded tactics. It couldn't exactly tell the person how to use their abilities, so the only thing he could do was just eat their clothes and swords. With Syndler, however, the Ka'Kari knew he was a man of honour, and wouldn't go back on his word. It ended up being eight years they spent training Syndler in mastering the Ka'Kari, and still to this day he has not yet mastered it, but is extremely skilled in using it. So much so that the energy drained from using the tendrils ended up halving, which is why they became his most used ability. What his father and Mother didn't teach him, the Ka'Kari followed up on, teaching him all about magic, telling him stories of a land no human remembers, of the magical abundance in that place and how absolutely delicious it tasted.
They bonded a lot, but due to this the Ka'Kari doesn't really care much for the others that reside within the mind, only Syndler. It was this, living day by day with multiple people in his mind that made Syndler feel...broken. Was it meant to be like this? Did he really even exist? Was he still him? So many answers. He never felt normal, not even once, not until one day...a day he remembers perfectly.

Octobor second, six fifty nine p.m., the time in which Syndler came across a Castle. He'd just gone and eaten, so he was twirling a plastic, green knife that he'd taken through his fingers as he walked. For some strange and unknown reason, this...feeling came over him. He stepped into the Castle and without even breathing a word took this one, specific Vampiric girl into his arms, pressed her back against his chest and pressed the dull blade to her throat. He laughed, a loud and faux and evil laugh as he threatened her life. Instead of fighting, or screaming, or freaking out, this girl giggled and pleaded "desperately" for help. "No one will save you!" He laughed manically, and...He was actually having fun? His fun was cut short, however, when this large, oaf of a man came bumbling down the stairs, screaming obscenities about how Syndler couldn’t touch his girl. Syndler pardoned himself from the Miss and pressed the tip of the knife into the man's throat as he stormed up. Violet pools flared with blue fire and he looked into the soul of the man. The man recognized he was the Night Angel and immediately dropped to his knees and begged for his life. Pathetic. Syndler handed the knife to the girl and pulled out Retribution "I am the Night Angel." his voice bellowed toward the kneeling man "You are a pathetic little man" He pressed the blade's edge to the side of the man's neck "You come down here, interrupt us, scream threats and obscenities and then you get on your knees and beg for your life?" a growl reverberated his chest "Do I even need to mention the fact that you have claimed this woman, this lady, by kidnapping her? I See You" His eyes burnt bright "I see your intentions. And I find you Wanting!" he then swung the sword down, cleanly taking off the man's head and watching it roll to the floor before he cleaned off Retribution and turned back to the woman. He promptly apologized for the mess and went to make his leave before she asked him to simply stay. Maybe it was the fact that no one has ever stood up for her like that, protected her like that, maybe it was because the honour he was showing was attractive, but she asked him to stay...and so he did.

The two of them quickly fell in love, everything about her he loved, and she soon took on the nickname "CupCake." Arabella "CupCake" Blackwell. Rings quite nicely, doesn't it? After a year, Syndler realized he couldn’t balance being the Night Angel and being Syndler Stern, and so he left. He left to do as his Father had done for his Mother, erase the name of the Night Angel so he could live in peace. He was gone for two years, returning to discover that Arabella had a child. She lied and told him that the child belonged to someone else, someone unfitting, afraid that if Syndler knew it was his, he wouldn't want to stay around. He took the child as his own and protected them both. Arabella and Syndler got married, and it wasn't for another three years until he found out that Syndra was his biological daughter. He was overjoyed, and everything seemed absolutely perfect. Being bonded to the Ka'Kari, he was granted with immortality, and so he stopped physically aging around the age of twenty two, -- CAN BE EDITED -- although he could still die under common conditions such as his body being burnt, having all his limbs cut off and so on. --- CAN BE EDITED --- However, during the year in which he turned thirty, Syndler went out of town and away from the Castle in which they resided in. He was out inquiring about the people who killed his parents, and returned three days later with no answer.

When he arrived back at the Castle, however, a giant pile of dead bodies lay stacked on the front lawn, being burnt. He panicked, worried about his wife and daughter, and so he tried to sneak inside. He was ambushed, however, taken into the basement and had nullification magic cast upon him. The nullification magic stopped him from using magic, aye, but it also caused him to over-exert himself trying to counter it, making him tipsy on the edge of incoherency. That was, however, until he saw his wife and daughter. They were strapped, vertically, to two large, metal tables, crying out for him. He couldn’t do anything, though, he couldn't move. All he could do was sit and watch as their kidnappers stabbed them over and over. His wife and...His little girl. They screamed for him, begging him to help. Then they realized he couldn’t. In the end, Arabella just looked at him, the pain evident in her eyes. She tried so hard to hide it, but she couldn’t hide the fact that her Hero couldn’t save her. She just whispered "I love you." Before they plunged a knife through her heart. He felt his heart sink as he watched the life drain from her body, before they grabbed Syndra by the hair and made her look at him. "DADDY!" She screamed, and he started to shake, unable to do anything. They drove a knife through her heart and...He snapped.

He'd been the Avatar of Retribution before, but what he was about to become was something much, much different. He blacked out, his eyes burning not blue, but a bright violet. He suddenly devoured every ounce of magic touching him, something which he'd never been able to do before, definitely not to this extent. He screamed as his body turned invisible, leaving only his eyes and mouth to hover in mid-air before he broke free from his bonds and rose to a stand. Without even letting them know he was passing Judgement, he shot out tendrils which wrapped about the necks of everyone in the room, suddenly turning razor sharp and slicing their heads off. He grabbed Retribution which had been discarded to one of the nearby corners and sped outside, passing Judgement on everyone he saw. Once outside, he rose an invisible hand into the air, shooting out the largest tendril he's ever conjured. It rose into the sky then spanned out like a blanket, covering around the Castle and trapping everyone inside. "JUSTICE!" he screamed into the sky "MERCY! I CALL UPON YOU TO JUDGE THOSE HERE. JUDGE THEM ALL AND DECIDE THEIR FATES!" his flames then hovered away from his face, raising up into the sky and growing larger and larger. Then it shot out fifty individual flames, engulfing all the Unworthy within the sectioned off area. The screams of the victims drowned out the ominous, hissing "Judgeeemeeeennnttt..." that lingered about the air.
Once everyone was dead, Syndler dropped to his hands and knees his head pounding and his body weak. He collapsed and passed out, the tendril retracting and the sky returning to normal as he turned visible once more.

Once again, Syndler had to deal with the death of two people he loved. He couldn't do anything...he couldn't protect the people he loved. He was too weak. He ended up shutting everything out, he went numb and one night he was laying down, trying to fall asleep. He heard the sound of someone picking the lock on his door and he...didn't move. He resisted the instincts to go and defend himself, because what was the point in living? He shut out the sound of Koi, he shut out the sound of the Ka'Kari and was prepared to die when all of a sudden a soft, gentle voice flowed into his mind "Don't die...please..." She sounded...scared. She sounded worried, she sounded fearful of what might happen. "Why?" Was his only reply, uncaring who this woman was "Because I only just got here...and I think I understand why, now." She...smiled? There was no one there, there was no one in the room, only a voice in his head and yet he knew she was smiling. "I'm here to help you. I want to help you." He didn't even say anything. He got up to stop himself from crying and dealt with the intruder. Then he left the room and started to walk, just...walk. The two of them started to talk, and it turned out that she didn't have a name. "I like Evelynn, though!" She giggled excitedly "Wasn't that the name of the barmaid the other night?" Syndler wondered "Well...maybe” She replied “...but I still like it!" So there she was. Evelynn. The bubbly, loving person who saw only the good in the world. Just like Mum. They realized that once Syndler blacked out, Evelynn must have been created.

He couldn't handle the pain of losing the ones he loved, so she was created to help him. A by-product of a by-product. By the time morning rolled around, he promised her that he wouldn't die, that he'd protect her and Koi at all costs, no matter what. This made her happy, and even though he couldn't feel happy, it made him feel...something. Evelynn, Koi, Syndler and the Ka'Kari. What a band of weirdos, they were probably all products of some kind of insanity, but it didn't matter. They worked like any other human worked. They each held emotions that the others couldn’t feel, they all helped each other, and Evelynn was there to calm Syndler and Koi down when Syndler found out that Koi was in love with Arabella the whole time. Yeah, two 'people,' sharing one body, in love with the same girl. The Ka'Kari grew more and more quiet once Evelynn arrived, but it didn't really like people so that was understandable. In the end, the four of them decided that they wanted to get stronger, so Syndler set out to find the legendary Grigmore Akelis.

When found, Syndler fought the man, who was well into his seventies, but still fought like he was twenty. After a stalemate, Grigmore agreed to help Syndler, and so they trained...a lot. Ten years straight, in fact, nonstop training, honing Syndler's skills into being the best he could be, both mentally and physically. At the end of each year, Grigmore would teach Syndler a special and long-forgotten fighting technique that originated from Kyon. The old man was convinced that Kyon was real, and constantly described the stories he was told while he was growing up. Apparently Grigmore’s ancestors migrated with the Humans to the New Realm, but once his people realized how the Humans were behaving they stayed away and created their own village. They were prosperous and hidden away for a long time, and they were fervent in making sure that no one forgot their origins.
Then when the Humans started killing the non-Humans, Grigmore's people helped them get to safety, get to the portals back to Kyon. Unfortunately this meant they had to disband, so they could travel all over and help everyone they could find. They saved a lot of people, but it wasn't enough. Grigmore's family kept the tradition of making sure their offspring knew of Kyon, of all its wonder, but of course now that all the ones from Kyon are dead, it really is just speculation and belief, and Grigmore has no idea how to find the portals to Kyon. After ten years Syndler finally learnt the final technique, but Grigmore had grown very ill. He died not long into the New Year, and with how close they had gotten over ten years, Grigmore had turned into almost like a second father. His last words to the three of them was "Kids...don't look back and see the people you've lost in life. See how much you loved having them around, and seek to find more love once they're gone."
So that's what they did. After Grigmore's funeral, Syndler worked with the Ka'Kari to find a portal back to Kyon, to explore the land his mentor so wished to go to. It took them sixteen years of research, of constantly running around before they finally found one. They entered Kyon, winding up not too far from the city of Lilia, and with the help of the Ka'Kari's memory and basic navigational skills they set out. Start a new life, y'know? It was hard to think that he was letting go his wife, his daughter, but this is what they wanted, this was a place where there was no Night Angel, no one trying to kill them hopefully. Maybe they could be considered normal? Maybe they could find someone who'll care about them? One can only hope.  

Tainted elevation; a sword to which cast upon thy eternal fate. To which did the sword belong? Not what thou ask upon their stone bed. Skyward, a cloud becomes unclear in Winter's breath, the swirls congregate a mass of circling divulsion which sprout forth the hasty drops of liquid death. Splatter did they do; impaling themselves 'pon the soon-forth victim of the Reach. "A hasty death" is what whisper cast, the smirk of fear-stripped confidence distilling thoughts of which the Executioner held. "A death, you say?" he would cackle, looking up, upon, the sword-wielding menace "A fight of which is fought is not one in which you partake" his smirk grew, curling rightward flesh in their northward path. "For to kill that which resists, only resists the conformists submission."

And with that, translucent fluid warped their way about the kneeling form, smirk held still as the glow took place within; conducting energy which slipped and wavered synchronically. The Reach stood, weapon held up above, unable to withstand the gaze-drawing phenomenon which conducted 'fore him. Widened eyes grew in their baffled state as the kneeling man, The Resistance as which he is called, seemed to pop, like a giant, air-filled bubble. And he was gone...singular note, small, boarded square card sitting in his place. The blade lowered, and the lone man bent, picking up and reading;

"Resitance. Fight for your freedom.

On the third night of the full moon, meet me in the harbour.

You'll find your truth, but I can't guarentee you'll like it

~ The Resistance."


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