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The white and black ball of fluff let out a small sound of happiness, a purr, as it padded around in circles on its Master’s bed. This was Sylvester, named aptly after the cartoon cat due to their striking resemblance. Sylvester let out a yawn as his owner got lazily out of bed. “Ah, humans,” he thought, making himself comfortable on the oddly cool sheets “Such busy creatures. Oh, that’s right!” Sylvester’s head perked up, releasing a loud, droned out ‘meow’ toward his human, an act which was roughly translated to “Good luck on your test today, human!”
The man was seated at his desk now, a rather grumpy look on his face as he clicked away on the bright screen in front of him “Hah!” Sylvester thought “Lamenting over the day beginning, eh? I can fix that!” he jumped down from the bed, eager to reach the desk before quickly nuzzling up against the human’s leg, a loud purr reverberating his chest. He threaded himself through the male’s legs, but to no avail. “Egh, its kinda cold in here,” the human, Alex, expressed as he pulled a jacket on “Cold!?” thought Sylvester, jumping up into the man’s lap, kneading “Oh my” he nodded “You are quite cold, Master. Lemme help.” He grinned to himself for being such an amazing helper, nuzzling the top of his head into the man’s stomach, though his affection seemed to go unnoticed. Alex gave a sigh, going back to what he was doing on the computer and Sylvester took exception to that “Oh how dare you!” he feigned offence, hoping to get attention as he jumped up onto the desk, still being polite enough to stay out of the way “I, an amazing cat, am giving you love and warmth, and you ignore me!? Pah! Pah, I say!” the cat pushed his nose up into the air, closing his eyes for added effect. This always worked. Pets incoming in three…two…wait, Master wasn’t moving.
Sylvester’s ears flattened against his now lowered head. Had he done something wrong? He was just playing around; he didn’t want Master to be mad at him! Master?

Alex’s phone started to ring, a rather solemn look on his face as he picked it up. Sylvester could hear both ends of the conversation from where he was
“Hey, sweetie.” “Grandma!” Sylvester thought, internally grinning
“Hey Mum,” Alex replied, voice monotone
“How are you feeling?” the woman on the other line asked
“Yeah, I’m fine.” Alex responded rather rigidly, obviously not fine
“We miss him too, buddy.” Mum sighed
“Miss who?” Sylvester thought, head tilting
“I just don’t understand” Alex’s eyes started to well with tears and Sylvester pressed his cheek to the man’s hand, nuzzling it gently “Why did he have to go?”

Sylvester sat back up “Master?” he thought. “MAAAAAAOOOWW?” he meowed, pressing his head into the man’s hand harder “Master!? Why are you ignoring me? Did someone leave?” Sylvester started to meow more, each one resonating with a certain sadness. “Please stop ignoring me. Please…” he sniffed, looking up at the male who had now hung up and was holding a picture of his cat, Sylvester.
“Rest in peace, little buddy.”
A short thing I wrote. 
Tainted elevation; a sword to which cast upon thy eternal fate. To which did the sword belong? Not what thou ask upon their stone bed. Skyward, a cloud becomes unclear in Winter's breath, the swirls congregate a mass of circling divulsion which sprout forth the hasty drops of liquid death. Splatter did they do; impaling themselves 'pon the soon-forth victim of the Reach. "A hasty death" is what whisper cast, the smirk of fear-stripped confidence distilling thoughts of which the Executioner held. "A death, you say?" he would cackle, looking up, upon, the sword-wielding menace "A fight of which is fought is not one in which you partake" his smirk grew, curling rightward flesh in their northward path. "For to kill that which resists, only resists the conformists submission."

And with that, translucent fluid warped their way about the kneeling form, smirk held still as the glow took place within; conducting energy which slipped and wavered synchronically. The Reach stood, weapon held up above, unable to withstand the gaze-drawing phenomenon which conducted 'fore him. Widened eyes grew in their baffled state as the kneeling man, The Resistance as which he is called, seemed to pop, like a giant, air-filled bubble. And he was gone...singular note, small, boarded square card sitting in his place. The blade lowered, and the lone man bent, picking up and reading;

"Resitance. Fight for your freedom.

On the third night of the full moon, meet me in the harbour.

You'll find your truth, but I can't guarentee you'll like it

~ The Resistance."


Koi Plus

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Random question: You had Halo on your laptop/pc right? Please tell me how to get >.>
KoiApocalyptic Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012
Hmm...well I'm not sure when I said that, however I'm pretty sure Halo: Combat Evolved is on PC. It's a multiplayer-focused game with limited maps and servers (reviewing games has its perks...KNOWLEDGE!) but I never really got into it because my friends made me download it, not realizing that the only reason they could play it was because they'd set up a LAN server.

Apart from that, I've heard things about Halo 4 being released on PC at some point, so that's worth looking into. As for Halo 1, 2, 3 and Reach I'm not sure.

Hope it helps.
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